Tulamben is one of the premier dive sites in Bali. It is popular with divers for its rich bio-diversities of marine organisms that are rarely seen elsewhere. The current from the Indo-Pacific ocean brings with it the rich nutrients that extract and nurture creatures large and small, the almost invisible tiny pygmy seahorse plus the many varieties of nudibrance found around the dive sites here.

The magnet that draws divers from around the world to this far corner of Bali has to be the USAT Liberty Wreck. It's a relic from WWII and much had been researched and written on the history of this ghostly ship that long lies in silence beneath the water 35 metres from the shore of Tulamben.



The wreck is easily accessible from shore and within a short walking distance about 5 minutes from the resort. The wreck lies beneath a shallow depth that slopes steeply from 20 to 35 metres deep.

One can see the jagged outline from above while snorkelling. A myraid of fishes, large and small always greet the divers swimming along side waiting for a handout. One do often encounters large school of fishes, especially trevally and jack on an early morning dive, circling around the wreck.

Diving at night during the full moon is an experience not to be missed. It is a world of luminescent tinge with mystery.

But diving in Tulamben is not all about the USAT Liberty's, there are a number of dive sites equally interesting offering a different bio-diversities and geo-physical features, an example of which is the coral garden and the extreme drop off or the wall at the end of the bay of Tulamben shore. 3 of the dive sites in Tulamben are closed to one another, all shore entry. The other 2 can be reached by a local hired boat, 10 minutes sailing from shore.

Outside of Tulamben in the nearby villages are few dive sites. It would takes more than one visit to explores and truly appreciates the dive sites around this water of the Indo-Pacific. It's plethora of fishes, tiny critters and many varieties are a delight to underwater photographers.


Dive Center

Our dive center in partnership with Blue Water Dive's offers well maintained equipments for rental. The center also offer various diving courses for beginners and advanced divers who wish to further their skills in diving.

Our dive masters are well familiar with the water and current around this area, having logged countless dives guiding divers. You are in safe hand and a knowledgeable patient guide diving with us, a safe dive with fond memory always.

SeeREEF Ecology Education Program

SeeREEF is a new and unique 2 hour Reef Ecology Education Program running from the dive centre. With your new SeeREEF eyes you will notice and understand so much more of the fascinating and beautiful marine wildlife.   For more information go

Filling Station

Our filling station offers a choice of air-filled and nitrox-filled tank at no extra charge. For divers wishing to dive with nitrox, they must be in possession of a certificate in nitrox diving. But for those who wishes to be certified in nitrox diving, we do offer a short course in it's usage.